On the Monty Python desk calendar today...

This may be common knowledge but having gotten all my Python from PBS I wasn't aware of it until today...

This year in Python: Monty Python's Flying Circus becomes the highest-rated TV show in Japan, where it is re-titled The Gay Boys Dragon Hour, and is followed by an on-air discussion of the program. (1976)


Trey Anastasio pulled over in Whitehall with metric fuckton of controlled substances

WTF is up with hydrocodone/Vicodin? I had a few prescribed to me when a crooked wisdom tooth root had to be dug out of my gums, and the bastards didn't even put me to sleep. I had such high hopes, too. I'm only five-one and two beers sends me reeling, so I really thought I was going to the land of unicorns and rainbows and purple horseshoes, because anything with that many warning labels plastered to the bottle just has to be a lot of fun. Denied!

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If I'm spending over an hour in Paramus, it had better be because I'm trying to choose between unfinished wood or particle board at IKEA, and not sitting on a Garden State Parkway ramp with Maxwell's so close yet so far away. KILL. I'm sure there are other ways to get to Hoboken, but every time I go off the beaten path in New Jersey I get sucked into a cloverleaf or jughandle or a vortex like the Marlton traffic circle "from which all Jersey drivers rise up, growl 'I LIVE' and disperse across the state" (crescentdude). Thanks to some ass wiping out on his way to the mall (as well as me having to work until 5), I had to park at the top level of a creepy garage with rapists waiting under every car, and missed the beginning of the Glenn Tilbrook show. Of course, no evening that ends with a human pyramid of Fluffers topped by Glenn singing "Lovin' You" could possibly be a disappointment, so I went home happy.

sidenote: The last time I saw Glenn Tilbrook (sans Fluffers), a fight nearly broke out at the WAMC auditorium! Some beyotch almost got a well-earned beating in front of her ten-ish daughter, and then Glenn sang a thinly-veiled song about spanking the monkey ("it's about making yourself happy!"). I'll follow that guy anywhere!
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Sweet Jesus!

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Santorum's OUT, CNN is calling Kristen Gillibrand the winner versus John Sweeney the Douchebag, Britney dumped K-Fed, and I don't have to work tomorrow.


Edit: It's KIRsten Gillibrand. I always screw up Kirsten/Kristens; just ask mumtaz.
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Smarty's tongue

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Grr. I left the track early yesterday because I had a headache, a stomach ache, and there were ten million people and their umbrellas in my way. I didn't want to go... I wanted to stay and see Rock Lobster, and bet on him...the only bet I was going to place all day! Instead, I went home, vomited five times, and woke up today (still sick) to see that Rock Lobster kicked ass and paid $19. Shame on Michael Dickinson for telling me that Rock Lobster would probably hate the soft turf. :p

Who can argue with this?

(Associated Press photo, because mine suck)

It's refreshing to see somebody really want to win the Travers. Sometimes I think people just don't give a crap anymore, or they're too hell-bent on ruining horses in the Triple Crown to even think about having anything in August. I love seeing everyone so happy about the Travers for a change. Look at Javier! It's beautiful.

And screw it, I really like Bernardini. AND Barbaro! Why is this such a tough concept? I'm not going to let a bunch of fourteen year-olds on the Internet ruin my enjoyment of Bernardini. Empire Maker was different: he's by Unbridled, and his trainer and jockey were behaving like pompous douchebags. Okay, Darley's bloodstock agent once again made a boneheaded obnoxious comment ("What makes him special is his father is A.P. Indy"...yeah, him and about a thousand other horses; we get that you like yourself) but Albertrani and Castellano are awesome and have been so all week.

If Bernardini gets hurt tomorrow and has to sit out the fall, it's a tough call on 3YO of the year. If he does anything else even remotely competitive, he should get the prize. I love Barbaro, but I doubt anyone's going to forget about him just because he doesn't win an Eclipse. Michael Matz just wants him to live. Barbaro just wants to rip grass out of the ground.

I have my own photos to post, but it's time for Postmark: Katrina. I'll get around to it... sometime...

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Today at Saratoga the backstretch chaplaincy n' company had Jose Santos signing prints of Funny Cide winning the Derby, for a donation of $15. I'm not a big fan of the artist, but it's a good cause (despite Jesusiness) and I didn't get to meet Jose in the hullabaloo of the signing three years ago (he had a race to go ride). Compared to that circus, this thing was crappily publicised and took me forever to find - it was pretty much him behind a card table with a couple girls from the charity. Jose was lovely and gracious, although he's very shy. I thought it was pretty sporting of him to be signing pictures of the horse he was fired from riding last year. I'm thinking that in one hour, they raised as much for the chaplaincy as All Glory To God has earned in his entire "career".


ETA: No wonder the world's been waiting so long for Jesus's ass... he's apparently riding All Glory To God.
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Of course, what excites me the most would be either the SpaghettiOs RECALL or the Waffle House SHOOTING.

I have a horsie post to put up when I get around to it, mostly about a couple trips to Saratoga (pics of Wild Fit n' sheeit), but I'm laaazy...