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Todd Pletcher bobbleheads at Saratoga this year, wot wot! I vote for TP in jeans and a button down; none of this bun-obscuring sport jacket crap. I really want a ban on those things as long as Pletcher is training up here. Female attendance would skyrocket, but right now nobody knows any better because there's a damn stakes race every day and he has to look sharp. (I know. We get a stakes race every day all summer long and I still find fault.)

I kind of wondered if they'd go with a Cordero bobble this year. Sheesh, the man only won THIRTEEN TITLES at the Spa, versus Sam the Bugler's goose egg. Fourstardave needs a bobblehead, too. I sometimes wonder if people are forgetting about him, especially when they move his race off Travers Day. Kill. They moved it to a giveaway Sunday, but still... KILL.

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It was a good cheap Saturday at Belmont. That is, it became one after the VOMITING subsided, but that's to be expected. I have plenty of New York vomiting to my credit, but today was punctuated by the first Long Island vomits on record. Good thing I drank all that Evian because it was the only big bottle of water Duane Reade had, only to see it again.

ANYWAY... points of interest:

- Dual Jewels is a horse I absolutely would've picked had I arrived in time. Speaking of which, Your Jules returned to training only to be scratched repeatedly. I'd think it was all a joke if he wasn't being trained by Dale Romans.

- Who names a horse "Nar"? Especially when "Narwal" more than meets the eighteen character limits AND IS AVAILABLE, this is just plain wrong!

- Afrashad makes Sinister Minister look like a rocking horse. I ran off to the loo mid-ralph during the race, thinking the Mig was going to be killed.

- Penny Chenery and Ron Turcotte (Secretariat's owner and jockey) were signing stuff near the paddock. As much as I wanted some, there were problems. One, you had to pay for stuff and then pay more for them to sign it, and I didn't have it because I had to give the dentist $700. More than that, I wanted to gush like a rabid fangirl, but I couldn't because I'D BEEN VOMITING. I'd cleansed my palate as best I could with a plain slab of chikkin and some mushy ice cream, but I blow chunks out my nose, so I will remain convinced that I smell like hurl. (A friend in high school told me that this isn't normal and I'm a freak, but she liked to feel superior to me in every way... for all I know, she's the matron saint of nasal projectiles.) I can't rabidly gush in that state. Third, there was a guy I didn't recognise in a Team Secretariat jacket, and he was signing things. I thought I knew them all, so I was paralysed by inadequacy and slunk away. Maybe it was Eddie Maple. I'm still kicking myself for not getting the Turcotte - Cruguet - Cauthen lineup last year. Grr.

- Gorella made my heart stop. AAAAAAAAaaaaugh!

- Right after the Gorella race, NYRA decided to be a bunch of cockheads. Instead of letting the horses do a lap around the walking ring, the riders-up call went off while they were still waaaay over by the saddling area, walked by the clubhouse side of the paddock, and out into the tunnel. This was NOT popular with, oh, THE WHOLE GRANDSTAND SIDE, since we couldn't see worth balls. I don't come down for the betting - I live in OTB central. I come down for the HORSIES, and I think I saw Grey Swallow's ears. Kill.

- Hasili was put on this planet to screw me over, one foal at a time.

- Signed the giant Barbaro card. Most people who did so really like Barbaro and reminded him that it's better to mount than to be mounted. Some used it to vent: "Good luck Barbaro... NYRA has gone downhill."

- Someone raked out the walking ring in time for the Belmont Stakes horses to do *a* lap with riders up. Sigh. Last year I had about 30 photos of Afleet Alex alone, which I would still have if I had been motivated enough to resize and upload them as I did with the whole undercard. (%^%*$%^%^#@@@!) If Barbaro had been there, I guarantee there would've been mad Barbaro parade action, or riots would ensue. Either NYRA didn't give a shit, or they assumed nobody else would. These past few years made them laaazy.

- I got to ride the grandstand escalator right behind Kenny Mayne, who has the most delightful little ass. This is another thing I can't get on cable, because they cruelly put this sexxay critter behind a desk. Of course, I couldn't talk to him because of the chunks.

- Couldn't see or hear the Belmont at all from upstairs. I knew Bob and John (that's one horse) was leading for most of it, then there was a blur, and then I saw a horse in bluish silks go under the wire and thought, Holy balls, tell me that Hemingway's Muthafuckin Key did NOT just win the Belmont. Once I learned it was Jazil, all was righted in the universe...okay, with the exception of poor Mike Luzzi having to lope across the line on Double Galore what seemed like five minutes later. Any horse except Hemingway's Key could've won and I'd be happy, so it all worked out.

- Sometimes I win at the Long Island Railroad and get to ride in the same car as Whipper's owners, or sit next to a guy who tells me about his day at Shergar's Epsom Derby. This time I got sorority sluts. Oh well. :)

- There was a dude giving out Chick tracts in the subway, but I forgot to go back and get some. His fault for not actively pushing it on me just because I had my hands full. Sorry, nemo_wistar. :D
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in lieu of actual LJing...

Hey, LiveJournal. Sorry to have abandoned you so long...I won't bore you with the emo details. If it makes you feel any better, I haven't called my mom in months either. I might want to get on that.

- Speaking of emo, I got an alert that Go Robin would be running at Calder today, so I went to check the entries so I'd know what time to hit up the OTB Channel. On the way, I was tripped up by the lineup for race 5. How many things are wrong with this field? I also have a problem with "Shin Feign" in the eleventh.

- My Derby horse has been Sweetnorthernsaint since late February and I see no reason to jump off now, although it's a shame he won that prep so convincingly. Mike J. took my money down to Vegas in early March and totally didn't bet on SNS: "He wasn't on the list! I swear it! I was going to bet on him too!" Then he sent me the list via inter-office mail the next day because for some reason he felt I thought he was full of shit. I think he just got a bad list, because some real ass no-namers are on there. Good thing Go Robin is 10/1 on the morning line today.

- Impressed with Lawyer Ron, but not here. That "loves to run" attitude that pulled him to the front in the AK Derby is bleeding into "intractable" and that's just bad news in a race with so much speed.

- DW needs to sit down and shut up. I just got Ex Caelis's latest workout. It's over, boyo. You too, Ziter. Hemmingway's Key? WTF. Their Derby horses did themselves a service by blanking every prep race. Nothing worse than the Going Wilds of the world.

- I watched Inside Racing the other day to see Shop Liser go wire-to-wire on the Santa Anita turf, and in the next race up found my new favorite horse name: Moth Ball.
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GO ROBIN - a five year-old daughter of Furiously out of Parcae (butter?) by Woodman - won the ninth at Gulfstream today. I got home just in time to see it, since OTB delayed the replay by a few minutes. WAAAAHOOO! I've been watching her since summer 2004 at Saratoga, when she went off in her third or fourth race at some bullcrap like 7-1 and I had e-leven dollars on her. My dad took me to the Travers in 1992, and Furiously had won his first three races by ridiculous margins before flattening out in the Jim Dandy and finishing fifth (which broke my heart, man!). Dad won the 50/50 pool at work and bet $11 on Furiously in the Travers in spite of the ass prep race. We didn't even come close to winning... Thunder Rumble (an old-school New York bred, not an "import" like Funny Cide) saved the day for the home state, beating Devil His Due, Dixie Brass, Furiously, and M.C. Hammer's horse Dance Floor to boot.

I did win some back for Dad with West Virginia (she was by Secretariat, she was pretty, I was a sucker) and Nice Assay (who produced Came Home). It strikes me that I probably picked horses a lot better back then than I do now...I overanalyse these days. This probably explains why all the damn screaming kids are always going apeshit over their winners while I have a black cloud over my head.

Furiously was kind of a dud as far as his swimmers were concerned. I can't remember seeing any of his get, ever, until Go Robin showed up. An opportunity to win one back! Everything looked good for her to win, and DOOD her name is ROBIN like my mom. She won like nobody's business, and I was $90 richer. WOOHOO!

Go Robin is trained by Mark Hennig, like my other buddy Gygistar (who apparently went five furlongs in three seconds the other day, proving that age is just a number and Purge can SUCK IT) which will make it convenient for me to aquire them both when I own the universe. Yeah.

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zephoral39 had a post a few days ago about Stephanie from Full House turned into a meth-head, which got me talkin' bout the anarchy that is the show's alumni and how Bob Saget is the kingpin.

I went to sleep, visions of Danny Tanner dancing in my head, and not more than eight hours later I get on the computah and Road Runner's local news page starts up... I shit you not, the second headline is "Bob Saget to perform at Skidmore". More specifically, it's "Bob Saget - This Ain't Full House" and it's NC-17.

I will die if I don't go. This is what we dreamed about freshman year on the Drew equestrian team. I just pitched it to Marchetti (bob_saget) and hopefully he and his bonny bride will go along with it.
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Aaagh! It burns!

Kentucky Derby Gets Taste of Sponsorship in Deal With Yum! Brands

This year's 132nd renewal of the classic on May 6 will be referred to as the Kentucky Derby presented by Yum! Brands. ...On Derby Day, the Yum! Brands logo will appear beneath the Twin Spires, on the sign above the starting gate for the Derby race, on the jackets of the pony riders who escort the Derby horses and jockeys during the post parade, on television billboards before and throughout the broadcast as well as in various places around the racetrack facility.

And people are worried that if "Stevie Wonderboy" wins the Triple Crown, it'll look undignified.
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I don't deliver here. I have in the past, though... now I know why they're so damn weird. :)

This strikes me as exactly what happened with the Simpsons' burlesque house, which nobody knew about until Marge started being a tightass.

*EDIT*: I found their website! Just a wee bit disappointed that the Dungeon Cross isn't shown in use... one of the local broads said there was a photo of a woman on it somewhere on the net. Joy and I were also a little underwhelmed by the Horse's eroticism, as well as the fabric.


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245 votes for Intercontinental versus eight for Cesario and TWO for Megahertz?! You people make me ill.

Ho hum, Saint Liam wins Horse of the Year. All I can think about when I think "Saint Liam" is that piss-poor two-trainer Woodward with the rabbits. "It was just a public workout for him!" Sure, it's easy to win when you send out two no-name horses to burn your only real competitor. Which is too bad, because Saint Liam was a horse who ran a healthy Ghostzapper to the end of his ability.

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Dude, I totally forgot. Ivy played in NYC two weeks ago, coincidentally the Friday that I had a Friday-Saturday-Sunday weekend (we get these every six weeks; it actually does make perfect sense), so I wouldn't have to RACE down to catch the train, or RACE back to get twenty minutes of sleep before going to work at god-o'-clock. I can't stay up driving until 4am like I could when I was twenty (nearly SIX YEARS AGO?!) so I booked a hotel room in Poughkeepsie where I could crash until noon the next day. I really dislike paying to sleep, but Ivy is such a cheap date that I decided I could justify it for once.

Drove all the way to Po-town. Where's my Massuhmoney card, which I need for the hotel and to pick up the ticket and pay my train fare? In my pants. In my pants in Schenectady, specifically. SON OF A BITCH.

Three hours later, I was on the last reasonable train to Grand Central. I made it to the 11pm show with about ten minutes to spare. It was a pretty short show, but fortunately for me they rocked...well, as hard as Ivy can rock, anyway. Dominique isn't the strongest singer in the world (which I find oddly charming) but she's gotten much better lately, so perhaps it's worth it that I had to be an Ivy fan for seven years before finally seeing them live in April. Easily the highlight was "Tess Don't Tell", although "Four In The Morning" was well-represented as a close second.

James Iha was standing behind me for a good part of it, with a chick who wouldn't shut the fuck up. I could've made him disappear (and her with him) by turning around and saying, "Hey, when I was sixteen I made a doll-version of you out of pantyhose and polyfiberfil," but y'know, strangers. At least I didn't barf this time.
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