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Spiders want corners

Esha Ness
25 January 1980
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In the words of Lisa Simpson: "female carrier." Aspiring writer/mountie trooper riding over crowds of Phish fans/lawyer/jockey/meteorologist/NOAA radio personality/racing analyst/Thoroughbred retirement haven proprietress/historian/artist/Crayola tester/chef/Martha Stewart/editor/cross-country skier.

"I'm gonna be a mailman!" - Jerry Seinfeld

"Do you think I do these things for real? I do these things just so I survive." - Pulp

"To be good, according to the vulgar standard of goodness, is obviously quite easy. It merely requires a certain amount of sordid terror, a certain lack of imaginative thought, and a certain low passion for middle-class respectability." - Oscar Wilde

"Coke. Get lots of it. Coke is awesome." - an inebriated windexcowboy, handing a couple twenties over to his sister

"LAISSEZ LE BON-TON ROULET" - WHRW production room graffiti

Quocunque Jeceris Stabit


The WeatherPixie
Yeah, I got one of these broads.
alan cumming, alan rickman, albany river rats, armadillos, artie schiller, bar italia, beat hollow, bernini, binghamton university, black 47, black adder, black coffee, black-eyed susans, bono's nose, boot to the head, bowery ballroom, boxy foreign cars, buffalo meat, burmese pythons, burnt knob, caffeine, camper van beethoven, candles, cats, cattle drives, cheap australian wine, cheesecake, coke, colin firth, collider, crappy pop bands, crossing your lawn, david hyde pierce, daylami, death berets, death cab for cutie, dressage, drew university, egyptology, elliott smith, elvis stojko, farm teams, fictional worms, floppy boot stomp, fountains of wayne, fourstardave, franz marc, freeze-dried ice cream, funny cide, gabriel byrne, garnets, gary stevens, geeks, ghostzapper, goading antagonists, gorky's zygotic mynci, great britain, greensleeves, guinness, gygistar, hard physical labor, horses, horses without sanity, ihop, ireland, irish cheese, irish horses, irish late night hosts, iron chef french, isle of man, ivy, jack horkheimer, john vanderslice, joust, kaboom, kick in the ass, komodo dragons, lip gloss, llamas, lowly worm, lp, macallister clan, macaroni and cheese, mann, marshmallow mateys, martingales, medieval torture, mercury rev, miroslav satan, mochas, musical theatre, nada surf, neptune diner, nerds, new york state thruway, niagara on the lake, niles, noaa, okapis, opus 40, oscar wilde, perfect thyroid, philip seymour hoffman, phish food, plaid, pulp, pumas, racehorses, richard migliore, ruffian, ryukins, saratoga, sean o'faolain, sergei eisenstein, sideshow bob, sigur ros, skiing, skunks, spaghettios, spectrum 8, spyro the dragon, steve wilkos, stila, storm flag flying, stratford-upon-avon, tarmac lights, the catskills, the dismemberment plan, the postal service, the postal service again, the shins, the skylark, the weather channel, tom kean, travis morrison, trevor denman, trillian, turtles, twin peaks soundtrack, urban decay, volkswagen foxes, waffle house, waking ned devine, watercolor paints, welsh names, whrw, woody allen lobster crises, xtra heat, yoshi's island, zurbaran